We wanted Opale to be an Ambassador of the Principality of Monaco, its values and its vision.   Growing up in Monaco, we have always been influenced by this strive for Excellence, the respect for the nature and the passion for technological innovation that define the Principality.

With Marc Fauchart, founder of the Opale Laboratories Monaco in the 80s, we met more than a chemist of genius, we found someone that shared our vision and whose dream over the past 3 decades was to create a range of cosmetic products that best represented the values of the Principality. A glamorous ambassador of Monaco.

Together we have put to work this inspiration, this vision that beauty, excellence and innovation could be combined together with the help of nature’s deepest secrets. Opale Laboratoires Monaco was born.

Following 15 years of formulations within the Opale laboratories, the belief that the real beauty is natural and that nature holds the secrets to an eternal beauty we have created a revolutionary range of cosmetic products.

We are personally convinced that the future of cosmetics resides in the infinite secrets of nature. This is where all our efforts, our creativity and our technological expertise are tirelessly applied.  For a natural beauty and more importantly an eternal one.

With Opale we have achieved our mission: Nature and luxury can finally meet and
together provide you with the most extraordinary secrets that plants, fruits and
ocean have to offer. Through our products, we hope to communicate our vision,
make sure that the passing of time doesn’t impact your well being anymore
and let Opale take care of you.

Naturally yours,