1 - Select Your product

2 - Select the quantity by clicking on « quantity »

3 - Click on “add”









4 - Review your basket by clicking on « your basket »

5 -Double-check your items by changing their quantities or by deleting certain items.

6 - On the « my basket » page, you will be required to login or register and fill in you delivery and billing address. You can then choose to select a new delivery address by clicking on « select a new delivery address ».

If you have stored this information on your account, it will be automatically used

7 -
Once you have verified the summary of your order, click on the « validate » button. Please note that you can still modify your order on this page. Continue by completing the payment and follow the instructions on the following pages in order to process the payment of your order by filling in your credit card number, security code and expiry date.
Once your order has been validated, you will receive an email confirmation with your order number, confirming that your order has been received