A return to the essence of luxury

Now, more than ever, women want to take care of their skin and bodies, but they no longer solely expect effectiveness from their cosmetics. They are looking for a product that not only delivers clear results but also offers a broader feeling of well-being, pleasure and fulfilment. This is what Opale offers with a new definition of nature, luxury and technical excellence.

Unique expertise combined with the benefits of natural ingredients

Our main drive is nourished by the willingness to satisfy a new Era of needs and by the belief that the future of sophisticated cosmetics lies in the infinite benefits of the fusion of natural ingredients and technical excellence.This is why our creativity as well as our technological and scientific expertise are continuously applied to exploring new frontiers of development.

The extraordinary future of a brand that reflects the image of Monaco

The Opale laboratories in Monaco work tirelessly to discover new natural ingredients
that will enrich our range of exclusive skin care treatments, season after season.
Driven by this perpetual drive for innovation, the premiere Opale collection promises
to write the opening pages of a long standing history transmiting the values and
prestige of Monaco, promoting advanced cosmetic technology and offering nature’s
precious beauty secrets
throughout the world.