The Pursuit of Excellence

Natural and innovative ingredients, state of the art cosmetic technology, revolutionary formulations. Opale essential oils contain the best that nature has to offer combined with a unique expertise based on our laboratory’s rigour and ethical standards.

Respect for Women

Our promise is to fulfill the expectations of discerning women with regards to the quality, effectiveness and origin of their cosmetics. By doing so, women no longer have to choose between pleasure and performance. Our collection is based on a selection of exclusive natural ingredients that have been rigorously tested and validated.

The Prestige of Monaco

The origin of Opale lies in Monaco. From the Principality core values to its design and development, Opale is the ultimate made in Monaco Brand. Opale not only represents the true excellence conveyed by the Principality, but it transmits its core values such as glamour, luxury and technology and inspires itself
from its uniqueness, its exclusivity as well as its deep care for the environment. 

Natural Luxury

We are committed to providing women with a new form of luxury that is focused on a return to the
essence of our existence: Nature. That is why we create cosmetics made exclusively from natural
and organic ingredients, without any synthetic additives, silicone, mineral oil
or parabens.

A meaningful name Opale

from the Sanskrit word ‘Uppala’, means ‘precious stone’. A symbol of purity and
protection in many legends and cultures. The opal stone reflects light from the
inside. Opale products mirror the image of this stone by revealing the
beauty of every woman and enhancing her natural glow by exploring
new frontiers.