Proven and shared expertise

Created in Monaco in 1997, the Opale laboratories initially applied their cosmetic expertise to work for prestigious, internationally renowned brands such as Helena Rubinstein, Lancôme, Vichy and Guerlain as well as Biotherm and Lancaster, two of the leading cosmetics companies of Monaco.

Birth of the first natural luxury cosmetics

Driven by a deep desire to create his own brand reflecting the glamorous and environmentally responsible image of Monaco, Marc Fauchart quickly deployed, within his own laboratories, an R&D department specifically devoted to creating products at the crossroads of luxury and nature. Over the years, this team of experts developed a variety of innovative and exclusive cosmetic formulas that now make up the premiere Opale collection.

A constantly evolving collection

Serums, skin care treatments, body milks, gels, mists, body nectars, creams. The Opale laboratories have developed a collection of unique products that provide a variety of benefits and pleasures. Each Opale product is made exclusively from natural ingredients with proven benefits such as alfalfa extract, essential oils or floral waters. Inspired by the wealth of possibilities that arise from combining their expertise with natural resources, Opale’s experts are constantly working to create new products that will enrich the collection over time. Some of our revolutionary formulas, elaborated behind the closed doors of our Laboratories, have allowed the creation of ground breaking products such as Eclat d’Opale, which fight instantly the wrinkles and ageing marks of the skin. Opale Laboratoires Monaco will soon be unveiling a fully natural line of whitening skincare products.