During his promenades through the splendid and world famous Exotic Garden of Monaco and the fragrance-filled paths of the Princess Grace Rose Garden, cosmetologist Marc Fauchart had a dream.

Creating a line of cosmetic products which would be a perfect balance, nature, luxury and technology, just like the Principality itself. 30 years of experience with the most prestigious international cosmetic brands helped him turn this dream into a vision.

In the late 80s, Marc Fauchart surrounded himself with the best specialists and researchers from the Principality and developed a unique laboratory in the heart of Monaco.

Marc had a plan: explore the millennia-old secrets hidden within the splendour and richness of the local vegetal life to develop a range of sophisticated natural cosmetics to help fight skin ageing.

Fifteen years of research and development led to the creation of a unique collection of cosmetic products that redefined nature and luxury. His vision became reality: Opale Monaco.

Designed to promote the lifestyle of Monaco throughout the world and to celebrate women who strive for excellence and authenticity, the Opale collection consists entirely of natural and organic ingredients.

Citrus fruits, rosewood, bourbon geranium, raspberry, pomegranate, rose hip. The Opale Monaco laboratories have extracted the countless benefits, delicate textures and enchanting fragrances of these marvellous resources.