With a focus on the quality, effectiveness and uniqueness of natural beauty care products, Opale Laboratoires Monaco is committed to several essential points in its quality assurance process.

The brand's commitments reflect the well-founded and authentic approach of its two founders.

They are put into practice through a quality charter, based on fundamental principles:

Exclusive development of cosmetic products formulated with natural ingredients. Quality assurance and monitoring of every product development phase. Compliance with current regulations, particularly regarding safety, hygiene, inspections and traceability.

Products containing no minerals, parabens, silicones or synthetic additives (glycols, fragrances, colorants). Exclusive use of natural raw materials or those derived from soft chemistry, in line with ECOCERT standards and containing no GMOs. Choice of natural active principles, mainly from Provence and the Mediterranean region.

Respect for nature's balance by choosing natural raw materials, without adversely affecting protected species in order to ensure their survival. Environmental preservation by selecting recyclable materials and using no inserts.

Commitment by Opale Laboratoires Monaco to manufacture cosmetic products containing a minimum of 99% natural active ingredients.

Compliance with the Principality of Monaco's Social Charter.

Compliance with the Human Rights Charter, elimination of forced labor and abolition of child labor, in line with the UN Global Compact recommendations.

Formulations validated by safety and effectiveness tests, conducted by an independent laboratory. A special relationship with our clients: we have your satisfaction at heart.

Consumer safety :

To avoid any contamination or oxidation, our creams are packaged in airless bottles, tubes and sprays. Our Formulas are validated by safety and effectiveness tests, conducted by an independent laboratory.

Brand legitimacy :

The founders of Opale Laboratoires Monaco are experts in cosmetics and green chemistry. Manufactured in the Principality of Monaco, our products are not tested on animals.

Product effectiveness :

We conduct scientific and consumer testing.

Our products' high concentration in Bio-Active ingredients, known for their effectiveness in providing expected results (moisturizing, antioxidant, nourishing, etc...), ensures optimal skincare performance.